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TAG Heuer Watches vs. Rolex: A Comparison

For those of you who have heard great things about TAG Heuer watches, and are trying to decide whether to buy a TAG watch or a Rolex, I am writing this comparison to clear up some common misconceptions about these brands. After inquiring with several luxury watch aficionados, I learned quite a bit about the technology, chronograph movement, and reliability of TAG watches vs. Rolex. My findings are detailed below: Quality / Value: Surprisingly, Rolex is not considered the best watch among high-end watch experts, but it is still the most recognized name brand among the general public. It is also not the most expensive watch. Both brands are known for making fine mechanical and quartz watches. If you are considering trading it in down the road, a Rolex may be a better choice, since it retains its intrinsic value and will be worth more than a Tag watch over time. Warranties and Service: Both companies will give you a two year warranty on most models, and a three year warranty on others, but neither provides a lifetime warranty anymore. Service on either watch, if regularly worn, is usually needed on these watches every 4-5 years. This can cost about $500 for a TAG watch and up to $1200 for some Rolexes. Keep in mind, if you have your watch serviced, it will no longer be certified by COSC (Controle Official de Suisse Chronometres) once someone has gone into the movement of the watch. It can only be re-certified if you send it back to Switzerland, which is almost never done. Diamonds: Tag uses F to G color diamonds, and Rolex uses D color diamonds. Most models come with a two year warranty on the stones. Movement: Rolex uses its own in-house movement on most models, which is of the self-winding variety. TAG watches use ETA movement, which is owned by Swatch. Both companies make quartz and mechanical versions, but it is important to understand the difference. Quartz is not only more accurate but it is likely to be more reliable over the long term. They are also cheaper than mechanical chronograph watches. Mechanical chronographs can be incredibly accurate, but they are not for everyone. This is because their self winding movements can only be activated by wearing them. As a result, they may lose accuracy if you frequently switch watches. Accuracy: This depends on whether you prefer quartz or automatic movement. Quartz will be more accurate over time because it doesn't require movement for self-winding, but most chronograph wearers are more concerned with the workmanship and intrinsic value of a Swiss chronograph than they are with consistent accuracy. Appearance: Rolex rarely changes the appearance of their watches, meaning a Rolex watch from the 70s will look very similar to one you would buy today. While this testament of their timeless appeal may attract loyal customers, others like to update their look from time to time. With Tag, newly released models look different every few years. Cost: A Rolex is generally more expensive than TAG watch, if you compare similar models, but one can often justify this when you consider that Rolex will retain its value over time. Overall, my findings revealed what many of you may already know. Choosing a TAG Heuer watch versus a Rolex is really more a matter of personal taste.

The Brand New Rolex Watch

THE BRAND NEW ROLEX WATCH Rolex watches have stood the test of time and come out tops with an unbeatable reputation for the finest quality watches, and have earned themselves the label as one of the world's number one brand of watches. Rolex is also one of the most expensive brand of watches; originals are generally only worn by the absolute upper crust of society. They say the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. If that is true then Rolex experiences an immense amount of flattery from all over the world, as it is one of the most replicated watches known to man. The replication of Rolex watches has become such a fine art, due to man's quest to attain the closest thing to top quality at a lower price, that some replicas may even fool weathered watch specialists. The best replicas might be of a similar quality to the real McCoy but let's face it; it just is not the same thing. To those who cannot afford a genuine Rolex, a second hand one or even a replica might do. But nothing at all comes close to beating a brand new, authentic Rolex, fresh out of the box. If you are in search of a new Rolex, be warned that there is many a scam artist out there that will try to pass a fake off to you under the guise of a new Rolex. There are a few tips for making sure that you attain only the best. Firstly Rolex does not sell their products to anyone that is not authorized. That includes dealers and repair centres as well. If the place where you are looking at new Rolex watches for sale is not authorized to make a genuine Rolex watch for sale then you are being swindled into taking home a fake, probably at a similar price to an original too. How, you may ask, do I know who is authorized and who is not? It is quite as simple as logging on to the Internet. Go to the official Rolex website and check the list of authorized dealers when you see a Rolex watch for sale. However, if you are purchasing your Rolex watch for sale online through an auction site or through an online watch merchant, it is not as easy to tell a fake from an original. But there are ways. If you cannot physically see the watch then you may request the serial or reference number of the watch and compare it to a list of reference numbers held by Rolex to certify that the watch is indeed an original. If you are able to physically see the watch characteristics, such as the movement of the second hand, it may be observed to tell the difference in originals that the second hand moves completely smoothly across the face and in imitations it jerkily ticks off each and every second. A few new Rolex watches for sale to look at are the Oyster Collection, the Explorer II, the Lady Pearl Master series as well as the GMT-Master II. These are the top watches to look for when browsing for new Rolex watches for sale.

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men's Watch

It is not necessary that you have to be an absolute Bond-head to wear the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men's Watch! Heck, you don't even need to see even a single James Bond movie for that. The Omega Seamaster Professional makes fans with its own merits; it's not the silver screen that raised it to its current status. Falling in love with the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer is easy. The diver doesn't sport anymore the wavy dial that prevailed in its earlier model; the 2012 Omega SMP comes with a plain, lacquered dial (which is just one enhancement among quite a few) and a ceramic bezel insert. These definitely made the price tag get heftier but it also made Omega garner more prestige as an astonishing, classic dive watch upgraded to much betterment. Lovingly called the blue three-hander, Omega produces the blue hue like no one else does. It's both subtle and deep, starkly opposite to the brighter and distracting blues many of the other big brands come up with. Oftentimes, that brightness doesn't feel comfortable; with the Seamaster, you never face such an issue. As you might expect it, the Omega SMP is built like a tank but it does that without curbing its elegance. Pick it up and you'll be surprised with its heft. The handsome look is the magic of an alternating brushed and polished finishing on the stainless steel case surfaces contrary to some of the highly polished SS cases that often appear to be gaudy. Details like the sign on the crown and its screw-in type bring both aesthetical supremacy and practicality to the watch; one thing that must be mentioned here is the screw-in feature is many more times smoother compared to other watches at this price range. The other diver feature is the helium escape valve. Now, unless you are into the profession of deep sea diving, this feature is not going to find any use, but as people say: “It's better to have a gun and not finding a reason to use it rather than you need one and you don't have any”. It's also a signed one but the sign is the atomic symbol for Helium. The bezel is unidirectional and the ceramic insert adds the bling to it - although a healthy dose – and that shows who it competes against – yes, the Rolex Submariner. The font on the bezel is that of Omega's Planet Ocean's. It is absurd not to get a sapphire crystal with a watch like this, so it's there and it's domed, not flat. As an extra, it comes with an anti-reflective coating, turning it completely invisible and makes you feel as if you are staring straight into the dial. Under the dial is the Omega Caliber 2500, which is a modified ETA 2892, upgraded to meet the COSC certification. It uses Omega's co-axial escapement technology and beats at 25,200 bph (or 7 bps), which is readily noticeable with the longer stride-length of the seconds-hand. Now, to add the finishing touch, turn the Omega De Ville Prestige Professional Chronometer watch over and the case-back engraving jumps into view; it's the Sea-Dragon, an Omega trademark. So, what's our conclusion on the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer 300M Men's Watch? Without belting out a flurry of superlatives, let's just say it's a serious, upgraded version of the classic Seamaster that is heralded as any diver's dive-watch collection.
What is a movement? Movement has a particular meaning when it comes to clockwork and horology. It is a system or mechanism for the transformation of motion in the wheel work of a clock or a watch. It is also known as a caliber. It should not be confused with the ‘case’ of a watch. The function of the case is to surround the movement and hence protect it. The part of a watch that the user directly interacts with is the ‘case’ as it is the part of the watch that performs the primary function that is display the time. The word movement is applied more when dealing with traditional watches as opposed to modern watches. There are various types of movements including three-quarter plate movement, full plate movement, self-winding movement and bridge movement. Features There are some distinct features of the Asian 2813 Movement. First of all, the rotor makes a significant amount of noise. Moreover, the power reserve is not that adequate. It is possible that the watch will stop working up to two times a day. Another related movement is the Asian 2836 Movement. The operation of this movement is quite smooth. This is due to the fact that it beats at approximately 30000 vibrations per hour. This movement can also be considered to be quite reliable. Next comes the Asian 3135 Movement. This movement can be considered to be a clone movement that has been modified in various ways to look like a typical Rolex movement. Some people might not easily be able to tell the difference between this movement and a Rolex movement. However, professional and people who have expertise in this field, will be able to spot the difference. Moreover, the Asian 7750 movement consists of a very large number of parts; over 200 to be exact. You have to take care of this movement or else it might stop working. You can take care of it by regularly getting it oiled or cleaned. You should also service it as soon as you can. Hence, it can be said that this is a movement that requires a significant amount of time and money for its maintenance. The Asian Valjoux 7750 is among the most popular movements used in watches that have the ability to perform chronograph functions. If you break down and take apart this movement, you are bound to find a significant amount of dirt but little or no oil. But the fact cannot be denied that it has been crimped superbly. Conclusion All of these movements come under the spectrum of the Asian Eta Movement. Many features of these movements overlap. However, there are at least one or two features that make each movement unique and distinct. Choosing the ideal movement depends on you. Your budget will play a large role in this decision. The amount and type of functions you want to perform with your watch will also play a pivotal role in this decision.

Sell Pre-owned Rolex-Be a proud owner of Rolex

When the Rolex watches were introduced, no one would have thought that what revolution they are going to bring in the ‘watch-world’! It was a mere necessity to introduce Rolex later on, these Rolex started offering varieties and people adopted them as their conscious choice rather than a need. Today, there is a new hype in the Rolex watch market. People are becoming more and more interested in buying pre-owned Rolex watches. They are ready to pay for it even equivalent to any new watch! Whatever design of Rolex you have, we have plenty of buyers for your Rolex who are interested to buy pre-owned Rolex watches. If you want that your cherished Rolex watch go to someone who will keep your Rolex with great care, then your search is over. There is a queue for Rolex watch lovers who will feel proud to own your pre-owned Rolex. If your classic piece of Rolex is well maintained, without any stain or scratches then you could Sell Rolex at the price that you had never imagined. If you have kept your Rolex well maintained, sell Rolex online and beware of fake buyers who do not understand the value of your precious Rolex. We would like to caution to those who have the intention of selling pseudo look alike Rolex as original Rolex as our expert and designers know the brand as Rolex. These pre-owned Rolex watches are accepted very much in markets and got superb response from customers. They are now necessity in markets for customers who desire designer watches. High quality pre-owned Rolex watches make all possible substitutes in new ones to pull it in reach of common man who wants to enjoy the style and design of branded watches but do not have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive watches. Rolex watches have their specific market and customers. There is no dearth of prosperous and wealthy class Rolex watches buyers who are ready to pay whatever price is offered to them. When you sell Rolex online to a reputed buyer of Rolex watches, you get the deserving price for your pre-owned Rolex and customers enjoy the same style as that of new Rolex. Buyers buy these pre-owned Rolex to spend on a brand but within a limited budget. Thus, Rolex has become the first choice of the customers who wear them. The Rolex brand has its own value in the market of watches where the customer is becoming brand conscious. Due to high prices when they cannot afford the new designer Rolex watches, the pre-owned Rolex come as a preferred option for such people. Perfect timing .biz is one such online portal of brand new Rolex watches and sells pre-owned Rolex watches. It's easy to buy and sell pre-owned luxury Rolex watches for cash with us. Sell your Rolex watch hassle-free. When you sell Rolex watches to us, our expert and trained staff will give you pre hand estimate of your pre-owned Rolex watch and offer personal, friendly, and efficient service. We only auction of Rolex wrist watches that include men’s’ and ladies wrist watches that are luxury timepieces, studded with fine diamond or precious stones.

Wholesaledeals.Co.Uk Scam-Time to Understand What It Really Is

In fact, this is exactly why those reports are there in the first place—to dissuade inexperienced resellers from trusting the website. So, here is a look into what leads to these scam reports and if it is a good idea to distrust the website on the basis of such rumors. Get the Facts Right Everyone who has been in the dropshipping industry for some time highly values the services offered by the wholesaledeals website including the following: • Accurate evaluations of established wholesale companies along with contact details and products available • Exhaustive listings of reputed wholesalers under hundreds of categories and subcategories • Informative reviews containing valuable tips for new retailers to succeed in dropshipping • The opportunity to connect with expert retailers from around the globe and share tips on effective marketing strategies When one website offers so much, who would possibly conjure up rumors of wholesaledeals.co.uk scams? The competitors of this website are who, of course. Given the reliability of this website, most wholesale companies and resellers flock to it to locate suitable business partnerships. This tendency naturally makes lesser-reliable websites unpopular. To survive such a situation, the competitors turn to misleading new resellers by fabricating false news on a wholesaledeals.co.uk scam. There are other teams as well behind these fake rumors. Because the wholesaledeals website thoroughly verifies every detail on wholesalers before posting them, fraudulent websites find it almost impossible to get their businesses listed on this portal. Consequently, they have fewer chances of conning new retailers and making some easy money. These scammers express their dissatisfaction by fabricating false reports on a wholesaledeals.co.uk scam and publicizing it all over the web. With such practices, these frauds expect resellers to lose their trust in the wholesaledeals website. Thankfully, such attempts have not been successful so far. Many resellers out there have survived the tough competition in the dropshipping industry and emerged successfully solely due to the powerful and updated information provided by the wholesaledeals website. Consequently, these resellers continue to utilize the information on the website to expand their businesses or discover new product niches. They also recommend this website to new resellers. Best of all, retailers get to interact and share useful tips through this website. Therefore, a few posts related to a wholesaledeals.co.uk scam will not succeed in instantly tainting the reputation of this website. Scammers appear in all forms in the dropship arena. While some promise branded goods and deliver low-quality products, others may be middlemen posing as wholesalers. Middlemen will not be able to offer the kind of discounts that genuine wholesalers do. As a result, working with middlemen means lower profits. To be alert to all these kinds of scams, retailers must regularly browse the wholesaledeals website. So, ignore the reports on the wholesaledeals.co.uk scam, and discover how the website can help your business.

Rolex Watch Accessories

Ladies' Gold Band 18K Yellow Gold Ladies‘ Pave Diamond Presidential Italian-made, 29 grams of 18k Yellow Gold, 6 inches (fits 7" wrist with watch head) 37 links total, 6 removable, Hidden Clasp. The Italian-made 18k bracelet for the Rolex President is the most popular replacement band and upgrade band for those with Oyster or Jubilee bands. Sturdily made, the band is hand-constructed by tested to meet the most stringent specifications. Ladies' Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Ladies‘ Pave Diamond Presidential Italian-made, 222 round cut diamonds, 1.5 Cts. G/H VS2/SI1 color/clarity (clean & clear) 29 grams of 18k Yellow Gold, 5 1/4 inches (fits 7" wrist with watch head) 37 links total, 6 removable, 6 stones per link, Hidden Clasp. The Italian-made 18k Pave Diamond Bracelet for the Rolex President is an easy way to upgrade your existing Rolex President to the next level and give it a more unique look. With over 200 diamonds, this bracelet will not and cannot go unnoticed. A factory Pave Diamond bracelet for the President costs nearly $8,000 retail and is very rare. Men's Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Italian-made, 333 round cut diamonds, 2.5 Cts. G/H VS2/SI1 color/clarity (clean & clear) 62 grams of 18k Yellow Gold, 6 1/4 inches (fits 8" wrist with watch head) 37 links total, 6 removable, 9 stones per link, Hidden Clasp. The Italian-made 18k Pave Diamond Bracelet for the Rolex President is an easy way to upgrade your existing Rolex President to the next level and give it a more unique look. With over 300 diamonds, this bracelet will not and cannot go unnoticed. A factory Pave Diamond bracelet for the President costs nearly $12,000 retail and is very rare. Men's 18k Yellow Gold. Italian-made, 62 grams of 18k Yellow Gold, 6 ј inches (fits 8" wrist with watch head) 37 links total, 6 removable, Hidden Clasp. The Italian-made 18k bracelet for the Rolex President is the most popular replacement band and upgrade band for those with Oyster or Jubilee bands. Sturdily made, the band is hand-constructed by tested to meet the most stringent specifications. Comes with 1Yr. Warranty, Rolex booklet, Rolex polishing cloth, leather watch box, and instructions.

How to Choose the Perfect Watch for Perfect Occasion?

There are tons of watches out there in the market, be it an online shop or a retail store in your neighborhood. They are different shapes, colors, functions, and styles. How do you choose a perfect wristwatch that fits you most? At times, this can be pulling your hair when you begin your shopping. The most important question to ask is what the occasion is. Do you just wear one type of watches to attend different occasions? If the answer is positive, you may just choose a sport watch with plain old fashion. However, the following question is that whether it will fit all the occasions you will attend. The answer is most likely negative. I encourage people to keep a few different watches with different styles and functions for different occasions. Below are a few tips to help you buy a wristwatch. 1. Casual For casual use, you may look for a lightweight feature with a comfortable band such as Skagen. This will make you feel comfy whenever you go. In addition, make sure you pick a water-resistant watch so that you will not have to worry so much where you are and what you are doing. Imagine that if you wear a Rolex watch, you may pay extra attention to watch when you are dining or walking through a crowd so that it will not be damaged by scratching or water spilled over your table. 2. Sports For outdoor sports, of course you should pick a sport watch such as Seiko Sportura. Sportura is Seiko's All Star Chronograph collection. Even though Seiko Sportura is designed especially for motor sports, it will also be very useful for other sports activities. For young teens, any Nike model will make you look vibrant and cool. One of the most outstanding features of Nike is that the product offers a lot of colors and styles for you to choose. Would you wear an orange Nike to a ball? I bet you will not. 3. Special Occasion For instance, if you go for any grant dinner or wedding, you may pick up a gold or diamond watch with a slim case. You may even pick a luxurious watch such as Ebel or Rolex. These kinds of watches not only make you look elegant; they can actually be worn for several decades because of their classic looks and quality. Nevertheless, do not forget to pick other jewelry that can match your watch as well when you attend some special occasions. 4. Working For a working professional, you may look for a watch that has more formal look, which can suit your black or grey suit. Since you may wear the same watch everyday when you go to work, look out for stainless steal so that the watch can resist your sweat without turning rusty. Citizen Eco-Drive is one of the best choices you want to take a look. For example, Citizen Elektra with a square shape in design has a decent look that suits most men and even women. In conclusion, be wise to choose your watch not only according to what your taste is but also according to how suitable the occasion you are in.

History Of Orient Watch

Who is Orient Watch? “Orient Watch has always focused on mechanical watches, primarily automatic watches with its own in-house automatic movements Orient was once part of the "Big Three" watch companies in Japan along with Citizen and Seiko. In the 70s, when mechanical watch companies faced hardship from the mass introduction of inexpensive quartz watches, Citizen and Seiko took the path of mass producing quartz watches, Orient stuck with what it did best, making mechanical watches.” - Discount Watch Store web site, July 2006 Orient Watch was founded in Tokyo by Shogoro Yoshida, more than a century ago in 1901. And though the world was a very different place back then, everyone still needed to know what time it was – much like today's world. In those early watch making days, Orient Watch had some competition in the watch industry at home. Seiko and Citizen were big names in the watch making industry, and for many years Orient was ranked number three when it came to watch companies. Mechanical Watches “What sets Orient apart from other watch companies is really the fact that Orient has always been focusing on making its mechanical movements better and more reliable. It is unusual today to find a watch company that makes its own movement selling watches at prices offered by Orient.” - Discount Watch Store web site, July 2006 From the early beginnings to today, Orient Watch has been focused on making the best mechanical watches that money can buy. The history of Orient Watch is interesting because Orient Watch is a company that started out with a good idea, and never once veered onto a different course. The long years have helped Orient Watch to produce high-quality, long-lasting watches that anyone can afford. The History of Orient Watch, Today “In 1985 Orient and Seiko established a joint factory. Orient produces a range of automatic and quartz watches ranging in price from reasonably inexpensive (about 50USD / 50Euro) to very expensive (7000USD). Orient Star and Orient Star Royal are the middle and high-end brands, with the Royal Orient being their flagship line.” - Orient Watch Company, Wikipedia, July 2006 Today, Orient Watch is known all over the globe. With manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Brazil, and Japan, Orient Watch today offers more styles and types of watches than ever. Today, Orient Watch offers watches in many designs including quartz, light powered, and of course mechanical. “In the Japanese market, we supply high-quality watches, such as "Orient Star Royal," our prestigious mechanical watch series, which our customers want to carry with them for many years. In overseas markets, our strategy is to develop new outlets for our products mainly in countries and areas with high potential economic growth, and increase our sales of budget-price watches.” - Mitsuo Mimura, President Orient Watch, Orient Watch web site, July 2006 Orient Watch For more than a hundred years, Orient Watch has been a well-known and respected name in the watch making industry. Today, many other companies try to reach the success and the high standards that Orient Watch has set. When it comes to mechanical watches, Orient Watch is the first name in the business. For high quality at an affordable price, Orient Watch is one of the better choices in watches. But don't just take my word for it. Let the history of Orient Watch speak for itself.

How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality. The concept of the vision board (also known as a goal board, goal map, or treasure map) has been around for generations, but it’s gained a renewed interest and popularity after success expert John Assaraf related his story of using vision boards to achieve his dreams in the best-selling DVD documentary The Secret.[1] WHAT'S A VISION BOARD? A vision board is simply a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. It consists of a poster or foam board with cut-out pictures, drawings and/or writing on it of the things that you want in your life or the things that you want to become. The purpose of a vision board is to activate the law of attraction to begin to pull things from your external environment that will enable you to realize your dream. By selecting pictures and writing that charges your emotions with feelings of passion, you will begin to manifest those things into your life. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION What exactly is the law of attraction? The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives anything that we give attention to, regardless whether it be positive or negative.[2] From a psychological view, the law of attraction can be best explained by the information filtering system of the brain known as the reticular activating system (RAS). Vision boards serve the role of programming the RAS to tune into external stimuli that can help us move closer towards our intentions. At the base of the human brain stem, in between the medulla oblongata and the mesencephalon, there is a small finger-sized control center called the reticular activating system (RAS) that sorts and evaluates incoming data.[3] Your RAS is responsible for filtering all the incoming information that your brain receives and it also acts as receiver for information that is tagged as important. A simple way to conceptualize the RAS is to think of it like a radio. You are surrounded by radio waves from various stations and your portable radio can pick up those channels, but only one at a time. You have to tune your radio to a specific frequency of your favorite radio station in order to receive it properly. Your RAS is not much different in this regard. Imagine you are in a meeting room talking to several people and out in the distant corner of the room you hear your name. All your focus gets diverted in the direction that you heard your name because that bit of information is tagged by the RAS as important to you. Your RAS is responsible for having the ability to sleep through the noise of traffic outside your room, but waking up suddenly at the smallest cry from your infant child. Another example of the RAS at work is when you go and buy a brand new car and then suddenly you notice many more people around your city have that exact same car. According to Hans Morvec, the principal research scientist at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, the human brain can handle up to 100 trillion bits of information at any given time.[4] With all that information coming in, how does your RAS know what to filter? Your RAS is naturally programmed to prioritize information that is necessary for survival, like listening for a the particular sound of an oncoming vehicle when walking close to a street. The RAS can’t distinguish between a real event and a contrived reality, however, and we can exploit this weakness to program it to seek out stimuli in our environment that resonate with our goals. The process of creating a vision board is one of the best ways to program the RAS. It programs the RAS to pay attention to certain things in your environment that are in frequency with your goal or vision, in much the same way as you are able to pick up your name being mentioned in a conversation on the other side of a room while talking to others. This selective attention filter makes you aware of daily things that can help you achieve your goal and it’s your job to take action on those opportunities when they present themselves. HOW TO MAKE AND USE YOUR VISION BOARD Your personal vision board is only limited by the extent of your own creativity. Some of my students have produced simple vision boards and others have made vision boards that could probably sell at an art show for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Having artistic ability is not a prerequisite for creating a functional vision board however and the procedures I’ve outlined below can be used by anyone. The general elements that a well-designed vision board should include are: Visual. Your subconscious mind works in pictures and images, so make your vision board as visual as possible with as many pictures as you can. You can supplement your pictures with words and phrases to increase the emotional response you get from it. Emotional. Each picture on your vision board should evoke a positive emotional response from you. The mere sight of your vision board should make you happy and fuel your passion to achieve it every time you look at it. Strategically-placed. Your vision board should be strategically placed in a location that gives you maximum exposure to it. You need to constantly bath your subconscious mind with it’s energy in order to manifest your desires quicker than you hope. Personal. Negative feelings, self-doubt, and criticism can damage the delicate energy that your vision board emits. If you fear criticism or justification of your vision board from others, then place it in a private location so it can only be seen by yourself. Supplies Needed Foam core board (recommended) or poster board A large assortment of magazines. You want to make sure that these are in color. You can go to various businesses or hospitals to ask for their old issues. Glue. I prefer the dispenser type tape rollers, commonly used to mount photos because they are clean and won’t damage your pictures. Scissors (Optional) Color inkjet or laser printer (Optional) 3 1/3” x 4” or larger printer labels. I use Avery #5164 mailing labels that work great. (Optional) Internet access Step 1—Compile your pictures. Start by going through your magazines and compiling all the pictures that you can find that are relevant to your goal. Don’t evaluate the pictures or start pasting them onto your board. Just stack them into a pile. If you are internet saavy, then a much quicker method that I do myself is to use an internet search engine to find good pictures that I can use for my board. You can either print the pictures out on paper and then glue it to the board, or print the pictures out onto a self-adhesive label so that it becomes a sticker. This is the preferred method because it is takes much less time to do and you can pinpoint your pictures using very good technology at your hands. Make sure that each image that you put on your board resonates with your heart and makes you excited at the mere look of it. It’s also important when selecting pictures to include anything that is congruent with your goal, such as any changes in your life that might result from obtaining your goal. So if your goal is to have a six figure income, then select pictures of a lifestyle that is congruent with your six figure income. Asking yourself the following questions might help you design a congruent vision board: What would you do differently when you realize your goal? Where would you travel? Where would you live? What would you wear? What things would you own? What kind of vehicle would you drive? What would you do for work?...Or would you work? Who would you help? Step 2—Sort and Cut. Go through your pile of pictures and select the ones that impact you the most emotionally. Cut the extraneous material away from the image. Step 3—Arrange and glue. Start arranging your pictures creatively on your board. Don’t worry about being artistic—that’s not the point. The point is that your board should resonate with your emotions. Arrange your pictures in a way that gives you an emotional connection to your vision board. After you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue all your pictures in place. Additionally, you might want to add writing or drawing on your vision board if you feel that it would better resonate with your emotions. A feature unique to my vision boards is that I also put two labels on the bottom of board that read: “Date created: [today’s date]” and “Date Manifested: [blank]” This lets me know how long my vision has been gestating since its creation and also every time I look at my vision board, not only am I emotionally charged with the pictures, but I also feel an overwhelming sense to see it manifested to completion. Step 4—Strategic positioning. The most important part of having a vision board is having it in a strategic location that gives you as much visual exposure to it throughout the day. For most of us, this is in the office, but if that is not possible or appropriate, then try your living room or your bedroom. Some people I know mount their vision boards on the ceiling above their bed so that it is the first thing they see when they wake up and the last thing they see when they go to sleep. If you are sensitive to what others might say of your vision board, then be sure to keep it in a safe area where only you will see it. Negative criticism or justification of your dreams can kill the energy that your vision board releases. As Brian Tracy states, “What they don’t know, can’t hurt you.”[7] Step 5— Update your vision board. Your vision board has to inspire you. It has to charge you with renewed passion everytime you look at it and over time and as you progress closer towards your vision, you might find that some of the images or pictures on your vision board don’t really carry as much emotional impact on you as they did before. When this happens, you’ll want to update your vision board with new fresh images that do inspire you. You’re vision board is not a finished piece of art after its initial creation. It’s a dynamic piece of art that shifts and changes as your vision shifts and changes. Therefore, if you find your level of passion that your vision board gives you is growing weaker, then update it to bring fresh new emotions to it. FAMOUS EXAMPLES OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Here are three examples of famous people who have used the techniques of visualization to activate the law of attraction in their lives. Although not all of them specifically used vision boards to get what they wanted, the applications that they used were similar in function. John Assaraf’s Vision Board. Successful entrepreneur and author, John Assaraf, brought the age-old concept of a vision board to the mainstream public by relating his story of it in the motivational documentary, The Secret. In May of 2000, John was working in his home office inside his beautiful new home in Southern California when his five-year old son came in and asked him what were in the dusty boxes in the corner of his home office. John told him that it contained his vision boards. His son didn’t understand what they were, so John opened one of the boxes to show him. When John pulled out the second board from the box, he began to cry. On it was a picture of a 7000 square foot house on top of six acres of spectacular land that he had seen and cut out from Dream Homes magazine in 1995. It was the exact house that he had just purchased several weeks prior—A sure testament to the law of attraction at work. Bruce Lee’s Letter. The late martial arts legend and my own personal role-model, Bruce Lee, understood the power of the law of attraction. As a struggling entrepreneur and actor, Bruce sat down one day and wrote the following letter to himself: “By 1980, I will be the best known oriental movie star in the United States and will have secured $10 million dollars… And in return, I will give the very best acting I could possibly give every single time I am in front of the camera and I will live in peace and harmony.” In 1973, months after Bruce’s untimely death, the blockbuster movie Enter the Dragon was released in both the United States and China, elevating Bruce to the level of an international star. According to Jack Canfield, that very letter that Bruce wrote to himself is hanging up on one of the walls at Planet Hollywood in New York City.[8] Jim Carrey’s Check. As a struggling young comedian trying to make it in the make or break city of Hollywood, Jim Carrey was just about ready to give up his dream of becoming a professional actor and comedian. He had just performed at an open mic session at one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles and had been booed off the stage by his audience. He sat by himself at the top of Mulholand Drive and looked out at the city below him—the city that held his future success or failure. He then pulled out his check book and wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and made a note on it: “for acting services rendered.” He then carried that check with him in his wallet everywhere he went from that day forward. By 1995, after the success of his blockbuster movies: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask, his contract price had risen to the price of $20 million dollars.[8] Conclusion Vision boards are an important tool in your success tool box. They are cheap to make and their potential value to you is immeasurable. Figure out what you want in your life and then commit yourself 100% towards making that first step of creating your vision board and activating the law of attraction to pull your dreams into reality. References 1. The Secret. Byrne, Rhonda. DVD. TS Production, LLC. 2006. 2. The Law of Attraction. Webring, Inc. 2007. Law of Attraction Info. Accessed on February 22, 2007 by 3. Henion, Jim. Why Goal Setting Works. Accessed on February 22, 2007 by 4. Wikipedia. Reticular Activating System. Accessed on February 23, 2007 by 5. Delio, Michelle. “This is Your Computer on Brains.” Wired News. Nov. 19, 2002. Retrieved February 11, 2006, from ,1377,56459,00.html. 6. Vision Boards. Wikipedia. Accessed on February 23, 2007 by 7. Tracy, Brian. Goals: How to Get Everything you Want—Faster Than you Ever Thought Possible. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler. 2003. 8. Canfield, Jack. The Success Principles. New York: HarperCollins. 2005. Copyright (c) 2007 Tristan Loo. All rights reserved.

Why A Tag Monaco Watch Is The Ultimate Gift

There are watches and then there is the TAG Monaco watch. You see if you just want a device for telling the time, then pick something up for $50. However, if you want a an iconic design classic that is a piece of intricate precision engineering, that will have value for many generations, then you want a luxury watch like the TAG Monaco. The TAG Monaco watch is based on an original design from TAG Heuer in 1969. What made it stand a part from other watches was its iconic square-case, a first in watchmaking. In addition it is powered by the famous Chronomatic Calibre 11, and was the world's first automatic chronograph. Add to this the fact that it was worn by Steve McQueen in the movie "Le Mans". From that moment on the watch was assured a place in the list of classic iconic watches. The original design has little changed over the years, so you know that if you a buying a TAG Monaco watch, you are buying a design that is timeless, which it should be when you make that kind of investment. I know that when I hand down my watch to my son in 20 years, it will be as cool and iconic then as it is now. TAG Heuer have been making intricate and luxury watches for over 150 years, and they are still always trying to introduce new design features never previously seen in watches. Their latest version of the TAG Monaco, the Monaco LS, is the first belt drive driven watch. Ultimately it is this, originally avante garde, design style which made it stand out. When it was worn on the wrist of Steve McQueen in the “Le Mans" movie, its place in watch culture was firmly established. Down the years Tag Heuer have only ever made minor tweaks to that original design, and that is why the watch is so enduring. If it is handed down as an heirloom, it will retain it auroa of cool whenever it is adorned. With the TAG Monaco you are buying so much more than just a watch. The TAG Monaco comes in a number of designs, and is not just for men. Uma Thurman is the face of the woman's Monaco watch. My sister, at the same time I bought my watch, also bought a Tag Monaco with diamond surrounded edge. This was a complete coincidence as neither of us knew the other one loved the TAG Monaco. Testament to our independent good taste I like to think. Automatic Chronograph: Automatic Watch: Monaco 69: Monaco LS: Buying a luxury watch like the TAG Monaco Watch is a considered choice. You are not just buying a watch, you are buying a piece of precision engineering and classic design. A piece that will be with you all your life, and can be handed down as an heir loom. But from a personal point of view my watch makes a statement about who I am, and is a symbol of where I am in my life. So whether you have a man (or woman) in your life, who you want to make a statement to then you should seriously think about investing in a TAG Heuer Monaco. Whether it is a Fathers Day, Retirement gift, or an engagement present, a TAG Heuer Monaco is a present that will be remembered forever.

11 Simple Mechanical Wrist watches Care Tips Should consider!

Assuming you have a good middle of the or even high-grade mechanized relax and watch, perhaps you should rate it an extensive upkeep all 2 to 3 yrs * When i.elizabeth., Restore water-repellent Parts, check whether also adequate as well as how around movements deterioration, clean all of the activity as well as overall look routine maintenance, etcetera. A lot of these is bound to extend this solution life of your own Technical look at. Take a rest to look for the sticking with Eight easy easy methods to take care of your physical looks after: A person. Any time putting on your main watches, be aware that ones work through your skin color will probably corrode true, considerably better if it is manufactured from Ni-cr mix pertaining to overall all steel metal looks after, as well as it may possibly have corroded in case placed in your arm for the majority of several hours, for that reason, it's going to be nice that will dried that perspire by means of towel and / or make a wrist watch take beneath the spine condition over a slumber. Some. You shouldn't receptive a back corner condition all too often, to protect yourself from choosing airborne debris within together with remaining outside of regular deliver the results. Various. Will not place a watches anywhere you can find camphor baseballs, which can travel any petrol in your observe unbeneficial. Some. Won't use your current wrist watches on the subject of or maybe besides ones rev product, sound, Telly along with same place instruments, to prevent by magnetization. 6. Definitely not Dressed in different watches for several days, perhaps you should wind power it down physically, protein shake and even shot for a few moments to acquire it spent upward if your primary enjoy is mechanical, that would maintain ones whole features alright. Some. Engine relax and watch obtains damped? Don't be concerned, try out annoying the software by means of dry pure cotton, and then making for five min in addition a 40W bulb (set about 15cm away), lots of your humidity can get through! Just how should you get a quarta movement see? Just take a lot of calcium chloride, loaded with soft material, consequently create the result from your quarta movement view, along with encase a filled calcium chloride plus your observe proper shut down cosmetic plastic bag or even decanter or glass remover bottles, normally you may get the quartz keep an eye on alright about three working hours if not more down the road. 6. If receiving your main fantastic pieces, and then unfolding outside discount package, don't forget retaining the many boxes. All these folders can look after an individual's devices coming from ditched or attacked! It is extremely decent whether you can make that back in bins if you should not put them on, that may slow up the pace of damage drastically. Nine. It will be better not to wear the identical lose time waiting for months. multiple keep an eye on kept in storage will undoubtedly be effective. As well as that you'll become more eye-catching, still steer clear of extra airborne dirt and dust escalation on a single watch. Just take a lot more care of your own synthetic leather keep an eye on bracelets, in case there is damage caused by quite often dressing in, and also it may appearance wants a normal thing also a innovative watch. 7. Never uninterrupted sleep together with your devices onto your wrist. It really is bad for your health whether it is luminous, due to the fact that lustrous enjoy switch barometer together with the shell from luminescent content, is generally a range of radium and additionally zinc sulfide, radium-ray can certainly excite light-emitting zinc sulfide deposits. Going to sleep by using pieces, you might have unsafe jimmy rays, at the same time. More desirable way you will observe has taken off you sit back and watch on your side hand as well as lying down the application onto your stand. 9. Ravenscroft remodelling. When months' might wear, a crystal clear gets damaged. Supply a few reduces regarding h2o for the confront, together with a little from toothpaste, after that you can obtain gem back in fresh just by Clear away the facial area! Replica Rolex Watches, cheap watches for men, hublot price, gucci watches ladies, cheap rolex watches, rolex air king

Men's Watches: A New Kind of Fashion Statement

Men have always enjoyed making a statement of their success by sporting a luxury timepiece, but until recently, their choice of watches has been somewhat limited to elegant link styles, sporty diver's watches, and those 80's-style digital watches. While higher-end luxury watches remain out of reach for most middle-class men, a large selection of mid-priced luxury watches are now available. These new watches are more fashionable and are available in a variety of colors and textures not normally worn by men. Why the sudden influx of fashion in men's watches, you might ask? The answer is simple: Men don't have the options that women have in accessorizing to differentiate their look. Creatures of habit, they tend not to change their look too dramatically; so watches offer them a way to make a fashion statement in a subtle and sophisticated way. With the sale of high-end luxury watches slipping over the past year, leading watch makers have jumped on this fashion trend, and many have recently unveiled new lines of mid-priced fashionable watches for men. One of these new watches, which is quickly becoming a trend among New York's power elite, is the Movado Museum Watch, particularly the one with the white strap, stainless steel case and black museum dial. It has the signature style of classic Movado watches, but with a certain élan and simplistic cache that is rarely seen in men's watches. Another, more sporty example of this new breed of watches is the Sector 600. With a corrugated polyurethane strap, Swiss movement, a titanium case, and water-resistance up to 200 meters, these watches are designed for active men with a sense of style. Available in eight edgy styles, the sapphire blue or the orange strapped watches are by far the most rakish of this collection. For the vintage watch lover with a whimsical side, check out the latest creation of Jacques Lemans Men's Classic Collection. With its 18 karat gold, oversized round case, textured black dial, and Roman numerals against gold tone Breguet-style hands, this most classic of watches has a retro-modern style all its own. Watches like this one capture an elegance of early watch making tradition and have a timeless appeal, but they are not just for the literary set; the dial is virtually scratch-proof sapphire glass, and is surrounded by a bezel of gold-plated fluting. These three watches are just a small sampling of the many recent offerings from some of the world's top watch makers, who have finally recognized that sometimes men want to make a fashion statement too. But the best news is that these watches are all available for under $1,000.

22 Daily Cups of Success Tips for Smart-Wise Entrepreneurs and Investors

This article is not the regular kind of tippy tip content, but speaks of the most prominent matters with respect to the article subject. The first half of this ‘read’ talks about my own high-held opinions and entrepreneurial phenomenal practices which anyone can live up with and become great success in their lives and businesses; and the second part of this article brings in 9 World Class Everyday Entrepreneur with their ultimate success secrets & patterns in entrepreneurship. Read, Meditate, Implement and Comment (If you have some peculiar tips, I would be glad to add to this list). The popular saying goes that 3 people dominate the world; the first sets simply watch the happenings of life, another set simply wonder at the happenings, and the last set simply make things HAPPEN! As goal getters, the last categories of people that make things happen are the Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are truly change agents, and a set of die-hard folks who don’t wait for things to go different but rather they are the ‘DIFFERENCE’ themselves. Entrepreneurs are actual game changers because they are folks who always think ahead successfully pushing themselves all the time to do & be better. They don’t really care about competition in their niche since they understand there is enough level playing ground for everyone – thus they are much more concerned about making their industry better. VERY importantly; anyone can be an entrepreneur whether as a career man, mom, government worker, aviation pilot, teacher, musician, fashion designer, blogger, speaker, author, etc. A teacher who is an author can write an award winning college course book that will sell for centuries; an aviation pilot can sell some aircrafts or metals; a mom can retail goods & services to other moms, and the list is endless. If you are not yet in business for yourself to count yourself as an entrepreneur – now is the ultimate time to do so, and it requires no educational qualification or subscription fee to start, as it is entirely free and yours to explore. Below are 22 traits and action tips to becoming a highly successful, enterprising and wealthy entrepreneur, it is so easy I refer to these as cups of tea. Follow through these cups of tea and you will be on your track to developing the leadership qualities and necessities to conquer your niche or industry: 1. Real Entrepreneurs never give up – They understand Morphy’s law that states anything is capable of going wrong, hence they are always ready to bounce back when there is a challenge. When things go wrong, reflect on what must have happened, figure things out and work things out. 2. Failing is part of the game – You don’t have to be afraid of failure. Even the fortune 500 Companies you admire failed sometime in their early days and till date they fail consistently on product test, idea conceptualizations, etc. The solution is to rinse and keep at it until you hit it right. I am a pilot by profession and I have failed many times in my lifetime but every time it occurs, I push more until I get a YES. At one time, I spent 3 years writing a bestseller book in my niche but for 7 months I got 88 NO-s out of 89 prospects for getting a publisher to accept my manuscript. It was the 89th publisher that said the BIG YES and today it is history. You may like to know what I do as a successful Entrepreneur, yet a Pilot by getting one of my books ‘Pilot Investment Hit Plan’ for FREE here 3. Entrepreneurs are never scared to try something new. As a teacher, you may be nursing the idea to become another Anthony Robbins – the famous public speaker but fear keeps you restricted. Stop that fear today and take the courses, meet the right people and get counseling from a mentor in that field to do what you have to do. It takes going for what you want no matter what, even if your heart is pounding with doubts; just GO for IT. 4. Successful Entrepreneurs adhere to strict self-discipline – In this regard, the entrepreneur has enough stamina and self-will to delay instant gratifications. And they are ready to work real hard and smart to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs work anytime and any day with no clock restriction. They function early hours of the day, midday and at late midnights just to ensure all is well taken care of. Self-Discipline is an entrepreneurs 4th cup of tea! 5. Sleep well – Entrepreneurs can’t deprive themselves of this essential God’s gift of nature. Even God does take good rest though HE has to attend to billions of humans and angels on a daily basis. One of my friends burning with passion to see her business cross to other limits went overboard, and in the process she lost it – over working herself, and collapsed one night out of severe exhaustion from lack of sufficient rest/sleep. That would have been worse if she didn’t wake up 2 days later at the hospital because she hit her head so hard on a sharp stone during the fall with pool of blood flowing. Getting the right amount of sleep your body needs, will energize you and charge you up to work better, and face challenges with clear focus. 6. Entrepreneurs Give – To succeed as an entrepreneur, learn to give your time, resources, share & learn with others and give to the needy and your immediate community. It has a way of paying you back in many more folds. 7. Think Global – To succeed beyond limits, think on going global and this is much easier today as a professionally designed website or social media presence can dynamically help to portray your brand & business to the global marketplace. 8. Finance or seed capital is not a barrier – A passionate entrepreneur cannot lose the big dream because the banks refused him or her some money for loan. Try raising funds for the business by discussing with family and friends (kill the ego here – we all have it), try out some SBA-backed lenders, and even talk to a vendor of the goods/services you want to deal with them that you don’t have upfront cash but passionate about opening a line of credit with them to buy raw materials for your product, and out of 5, you may get a 3 YES-s, or at least 1 Yes, which is enough to get your business going. In my early days, this approach worked well for me and is still working. 9. You won’t live forever so for the little time if much 120 years of age – you must make it truly count by doing everything even in its most trivial nature to get to the point you truly envision for your business. 10. Never assume you know too much already or you are the smartest in the game, as you must keep exploring, learning, adventuring and benchmarking your competition ground so you could surpass them effortlessly. 11. To succeed as an entrepreneur – you must embrace networking i.e. connecting with new people and making relevant relationships that will help you and your business to grow fast and efficient. This is what 100 out 0f 100 successful entrepreneurs do well and never compromised. 12. Never be shy to ask for help – Ask, Ask and Ask is one that I have learned to keep doing when I need it and it has helped me to grow much in lifestyle, relationships, businesses and sales. And you want to know the truth – People really love to HELP! 13. Theme your working days such like every morning you could dedicate on your product line, middle of the day on sales & marketing and close to the end of working hours to other stuffs like evaluating the day, the overall management, etc.. Such theme as is related to your industry when distributed and followed thoroughly throughout the weekdays Monday through Friday and maybe weekends will help you to achieve so much more than when there are no detailed plans. And in the next part, you read about the most guarded principles of succeeding as entrepreneurs by 9 top industrialists you can emulate and breakthrough on daily basis from now on! 14. Bill Gates says he is the billionaire he is today because he loves unhappy customers – To him, when you understand what makes your customer an unhappy customer, you would have learned what could have gone or may go wrong and will be best equipped not to make the same mistake twice. To Mr. Gates, it is great to love success, but most essentially is pay heed to the lessons of failure. 15. Oprah Winfrey says we should learn how to slow down, and keep aside the hectic sides of life such as the overwhelming issues like running in and out of meetings, taking care of projects and insane inboxes; and learn to smell the roses. You can succeed fast as a woman following Oprah at 16. Kevin O'Leary says true pointer for success as an entrepreneur is to leverage the strengths of others i.e. pairing with folks whose strengths compensate for your weaknesses. 17. CEO of Starbucks, Howard Shulz, says to surround yourself only with folks who share the same values as you, as this is a very essential pointer for business success. And he tops it up saying if you find folks who don't share your values, it's best to part ways. 18. Serena Williams says there is no such thing as LUCK in her book of success as tenacity does it all. This is a lady that had a rough childhood and in her neighborhood where someone is shooting every other hour, she stayed shooting at tennis – and that’s tenacity – and concentration. And this has made her one of the world’s best tennis players with a Net Worth of $140 Million. 19. Martha Stewart says to ‘Never settle with complacency’ – Even with her 2 awesome jobs when she started out, a modeling career and as a stockbroker, she PUSHED herself beyond those successes and today – she is a well admired and respected household name and brand with a net worth of over $600 million. So keep pushing even after you start seeing success! Martha can be seen more and connected at 20. Ingvar Kamprad the CEO of IKEA says ‘Never, ever, waste resources as to him this is the worst unforgivable sin any entrepreneur could commit. He says a 10 minutes wasted isn’t just equated to 1/6 of an hourly pay BUT the 10 minutes equals the person himself. In essence - TIME is the ultimate non-negotiable resource and once it's wasted, it's difficult to get it back. His respect for this makes him a Net Worth of $3.5 Billion. I value this much, my Time and other peoples Time! 21. Chris Brogan – This internet famous entrepreneur loves to help businesses and corporations grow and he does it well supporting small businesses like mine and those of FORTUNE 100 clients. This is a man I admire so much and follow his entrepreneurial tips for success as they both apply for online and offline businesses. He loves working with professionals like you to own your choices, own your life and own your future and is the owner of - Owner Media Group. He is a maverick public speaker and a New York Times bestselling author of 8 books and counting; with the super book “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth” available at Amazon. Chris says for entrepreneurs to succeed BIG, they must be excellent sales people. His entrepreneur secret for development and growth – is genuinely HELP enough other people, and you will attract a huge audience, reach and community you could ever want. If you want to succeed faster than you can imagine as an entrepreneur – then follow Chris at 22. Brian Dean - This awesome dude is the founder of Backlinko and dominates the SEO and link building marketplace with ideas running against the norms. He is one in a million and he breaks the records with regards to pulling traffic and clients to businesses in a non-conventional yet inexpensive and easy way. His SEO training website is helping various entrepreneurs grow in sales, leads and profits. Backlinko was ranked by Technorati as one of the top 50 small business blogs online. His entrepreneur secret tip is that businesses online should provide the essential information that other digital marketers need to be successful in a very concise detailed manner and then do thorough link building with content promotion. Brian says it is good to keep trying stuffs and failing and messing up and learning lessons. And when you get the winning formula, apply to WIN! He says once you build SEO for your business with his highly sought after tips at his website, your business ranks up and pays dividends for years. This has saved several thousands of businesses worldwide. These are the 22 entrepreneurial cups of tea for every day success I could come up with now; and if you love it, please share with others as it can help motivate and waken the sleeping giants in several entrepreneurs out there. You can add to this by commenting and I will gladly publish it!

Raymond Weil Watches or Counterfeit?

With so many scams for high-priced items, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the real from the fake. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the shady people on the streets of New York City aren't selling real Raymond Weil watches. Nor should it shock you that a Rolex selling for $20 is a counterfeit. However, every deal isn't always that obvious. Many scam artists will sell designer watches for hundreds of dollars and that is when shopping for deals can be confusing. First you need to be aware that not every store selling ladies Fossil watches for 30% off is a scam. Many stores, online stores included, are able to sell designer watches at a discount. The time to be concerned is when you see outrageous sales of 75% off or more. Rolex watches are not going to be sold for $200. Find out how much these watches normally go for so you can have a better idea about what sounds like too great a discount. A real company needs to make a profit! Also be on the look out for "luxury" brands you've never heard of. Do a search on Google to see if the brand is legitimate. One of the best ways to avoid a scam is to familiarize yourself with the watch you intend on buying. If you love Raymond Weil watches, learn what collections are currently being sold. Know what their logo looks like and learn about any distinguishing marks that are features on all of their watches. If you know what specific watch you like, go to a large retailer and study the watch. Then when you go to smaller stores, you will be able to spot if it is a fake. Always check the manufacturer's logo first to ensure it is accurate. Then see if all the same features are offered on that particular model. Test that all parts are in working order. Often the subdials of a counterfeit chronograph watch will not work. Just about every top brand will have a crystal watch face. Counterfeit watches use glass because it is so much cheaper. The easiest way to test this is to scratch the face. Crystal is scratch resistant, but I don't recommend possibly damaging merchandise. A safe method is to place a droplet of water on the face. The water will bead on crystal, but smear on the glass. Counterfeit watches will also feel noticeably lighter because they use cheaper materials. If those Raymond Weil watches feel light as a feather, move on. Use the Internet as a valuable resource. Many websites can give you specific details to look for on designer brand names. Always use common sense. If a deal seems way too good to be true, that's because it is. If you want the luxury of owning top quality brand names, you have to be willing to spend the money. There are plenty of reliable companies selling watches at a discount, but in the end, you won't get them for practically nothing.

The Reality Of the ‘Date Rape Drug’ – Educating Yourself And Your Friends!

April is Sexual Assault Month Each month more than ten women of all ages and backgrounds contact our Adoption Center with the same experience - they have been victims of a date rape drug, and are now pregnant, with most women not knowing who got them pregnant. Just after Spring break, is a time when we see a peak in pregnancy? For many of these women a date rape drug was involved. The U.S. Census suggests that there may be 32,101 annual rape-related pregnancies among American women, over the age of 18. The adult pregnancy rate associated with rape is estimated to be 4.7%. Several college aged women have reported waking up in frat houses or apartments with no clothing on. They find themselves in strange surroundings with unknown people and having been sexually assaulted while under the influence of a date rape drug. Just recently, our 18 year old daughter shared her plans to celebrate her graduation with some girl friends in Cancun. I was concerned with their safety, but still wanting them to enjoy themselves so I was prompted to ask her - do you and your friends know what rape drugs are and how they are used? Surprising she had heard very little on the topic. Most of the women who call us don't know either and wish someone had shared the following information. Rohypnol is becoming the drug of choice for would-be rapists. Most all predators target unsuspecting victims by slipping these illicit drugs into their beverages at parties, bars, nightclubs and dances. Rape drugs have the power to make one drink feel like six or more. Laura a sophomore from Florida was one such victim. Laura who attended a private party, off campus, recalled that while she was dancing, she left her beer at a table, when she returned the perpetrator had already laced her drink. She only had one drink and started feeling kind of sick, then her memory got foggy, she started feeling drowsy, dizzy, and confused about where she was. “My roommate was going to come with me to the party, but at the last minute she made other plans. I decided to go alone, which was my first mistake.” Laura has no memory of what happened for the next 8 hours. Laura woke up in the back room at the club; with bruises on her thighs, half naked and suspected that someone may have had sex with her. Laura couldn't remember who the person was or any other details. She was hung over for days afterward. Laura blocked the whole incident from her mind and allowed a numbness to take over her feelings. Her grades fell and she found her mind wandering in class. This is common for women that have been raped and can be used as a defense mechanism. Being overwhelmed with feelings or losing control are common reactions to what has happened to them. Other women may become anxious or depressed. In Laura's case, she discovered six weeks later she was pregnant. She dropped out of college to have the baby. Laura chose to have him adopted, by a childless couple, through our adoption center. "It was the only way I could make something good come out of something so bad. I needed to do something positive and it wasn't the child's fault.” Laura recalls when she first found out she was pregnant, how angry and scared she was, "I wouldn't have sex with a guy I didn't know. I have always been so careful of what I do and who I date. I was just so mad at myself for not being more careful. I didn't know if I had contracted a disease or HIV, it was very scary and embarrassing" Toni, a freshman in college in San Diego was a victim of the date rape drug. During spring break, she was assaulted at a party by a friend she met in a class. Toni had known him for almost a year. She kept saying "I considered him one of my best friends. He acted like he would protect me. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it actually happened to me, even now. My body has been violated, my trust in him, as a friend, has been shaken and I feel betrayed... I keep saying to myself, I know him, and he's not a terrible person - so it must have been something I said to him or did that got me into this mess.” I don't remember and I keep trying to remember what I did, or said - what happened that night- my own judgment has been stunned! I just couldn't go through with an abortion, after what happened, as hard as the pregnancy was for me, I have always believed there are no mistakes and this baby didn't cause this. Why should this child be the one that suffers? It took some time, but I chose a family that I knew would love this baby. When I started college I would have never dreamt something like this would happened to me! "I have never regretted giving birth and giving her life." I still have trouble trusting people, but am working on it. According to the U.S. Department of Justice ‘Date Rape’ is one of the fastest growing drug-facilitated, sexual assault crimes in America today. Two thirds of GHB is ingested by people aged 18-25 years old. Ecstasy abuse has increased 500 percent over a five-year period. Studies confirm that acquaintance rape occurs more commonly among college students, predominantly first year students, than among any other age group. A recent large study, found one in four college women reported being the victim of rape or attempted rape and 84% of their assailants were boyfriends or acquaintances. Most rape victims remember nothing of the incident, except the feeling of being violated. The same study found that one in four college men disclosed to having used sexual aggression with women, and one in twelve to committing sexual assault of some kind. These men will slip the drug into a woman's drink without their knowledge, most often in combination with beer, and wait for the drug to incapacitate the woman before sexual assaulting her. The assailants would go to parties to look for easy targets and opportunities. They would than wait until the victim is too out of it to say ‘no’ and then will have sex with them. Many men do it just to take advantage of women sexually. The drug is often added to punch or other open container drinks at fraternity parties, college functions and social gatherings. The drugs are then slipped into the females drink in hopes of lowering their inhibitions and facilitating in a potential sexual conquest for the assailant. High risk situations are clubs, parties, bars, and raves. Women contacting us are of all backgrounds and ages. Many are still in some shock over being pregnant and are not sure of the race of the man than raped them. Many of these girls have little to share about the ‘father’ of their child. The date rape drugs are often referred to as the ‘alphabet drugs’ called ‘E’ or Ecstasy; ‘G’ which can be either GHB or GBL; and ‘K’ or ‘Special K’ which is Ketamine. For a while Rohypnol or ‘Roofies’ was one of the most popular date rape drugs, but it has been replaced by GHB as the date rape drug of choice. The most popular date-rape drugs are (GHB) gamma hydroxybutyrate and ketamine. The ‘date rape’ drug or ‘sexual assault’ drug is the street name for Rohypnol, because it has been associated with date rape. GHB is produced in clear liquid, white powder, tablet, and capsule forms. It is also been known commonly as: Rophies, Roofies, Roachies, Forget Pill, R2, roofenol, Roche, circles, La rocha, Rope, Trip-and-Fall, Liquid X, Liquid E, G-Juice, Rib, Mexican Valium, Roach-2, Roopies, and Ropies, Mind-Erasers, Liquid Ecstasy, Somatomax, Scoop, or Grievous Bodily Harm. Ketamine; also known as K, Special K or Vitamin K, commonly comes in a liquid form, but is also found in powder or pill forms. Rohypnol is not legal in the US, nor is it manufactured or sold legally in the United States. It is used as a short-term treatment for insomnia in other countries. It is produced and sold legally by prescription in Europe and Latin America, then smuggled into the United States by mail or travelers. The drug is often distributed on the street in its original ‘bubble packaging’ which creates a false appearance of legitimacy and makes it appear to be harmless and legal. Rohypnol tablets are white, scored on one side, with the word "ROCHE" and an encircled one or two indicating the dosage on the other side. Rohypnol is a low-cost drug, often less than $5.00 per tablet. They are sold in sealed bubble pack of one or two mg per dose. Rohypnol can be addictive and cause physical dependence. It has physiological effects similar to Valium, but is nearly ten times more potent. Withdrawal symptoms include headache, muscle pain, confusion, hallucinations and convulsions. Some women have had seizures occur up to a week after cessation of use. Rohypnol can often be dissolved in a beverage, and is easily undetectable. Ecstasy Also known as MDMA is known on the street as Adam, XTC, E, M, Bean, and Roll. Ecstasy comes in a tablet that is often branded; a few samples are shown below: In combination with alcohol, it can induce a blackout with memory loss and a decrease in resistance. Women, as young as 13, throughout the country have reported being raped after being involuntarily sedated with Rohypnol. Roughly ten minutes after having the drug in their system, women report feeling dizzy and disoriented, at the same time feeling too hot or too cold or both, some become nauseated. Sedation starts approximately 25-30 minutes and crest within two hours. The effects can continue for up to eight hours. The drug has no taste or odor. Victims don't have any memory of what happened while under the drug's influence. Most of the woman can appear extremely intoxicated, with slurred speech or experience difficulty speaking. Some may experience gastrointestinal disturbances and urinary retention, poor coordination, swaying, blood-shot eyes, decreased blood pressure, and then may pass out....but without the odor of alcohol. Vicky was 19 when she came up pregnant - she had no physical signals of rape, she woke up in her own bed and therefore had no reason to be concerned. She assumed she had too much to drink, although she doesn't remember the previous night's events. Vicky thought a friend must have helped get her safely home. She was shocked to discover 2 months later that she was pregnant. “I hadn't had sex for over a year. I bought three pregnancy tests before going to a clinic for a blood test.” She chose to keep and raise her child with the help of her family. In her own words "having the baby brought peace and healing to my life." Alcohol and Rohypnol combination is intensified and very hazardous together. If a woman is drinking alcohol when the drug is slipped into her drink, the combination can impair her memory and judgment greatly. Woman who become intoxicated on a combination of alcohol and Rohypnol often experience ‘blackouts’ lasting eight to twenty-four hours following ingestion – which can make her unable to resist a sexual attack. If combined with other drugs the results may lead to respiratory depression, aspiration, coma and even death. Possession of Rohypnol is punishable for up to three years in prison and a fine. Distribution and administration of this rape drug without the person's knowledge is punishable by twenty years in prison and a fine. By taking the preventive measures to protect yourself and your friends; you can avoid becoming a potential victim. Print this article out and give it to friends you now … it may save a life! Besides the worries of unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases are a high risk - your best defense against rapists and date rape drugs is awareness. Here are a few helpful tips for staying aware, alert and safe: • Be careful about accepting drinks from anyone you don't know or have known long enough to trust. The best choice is not to let anyone fix you a drink. Always mix the drink yourself and carry your own drink. • Don't share or exchange drinks with anyone. • If you are accepting a drink, make sure it's from an unopened container and that you open it yourself. • Do not drink from open containers at parties and accept drinks only from bartenders or servers, watch them open the can or pour- don't be distracted by conversation. • If dancing, don't leave your drink unattended. If you realize your drink has been left unattended, toss it out. • Consider buying a specially designed drug testing coaster- see below to test your drink for the drug. They are low-cost and a smart choice. • Remember any kind of beverage can be drugged- there is no taste or smell. • If possible bring your own drinks to parties. Don't drink from a container that is being passed around • If your drink tastes or looks differently than it should or tastes funny or salty, foamy, cloudy, or if it has residue in it throw it away! • Don't go to parties alone; travel in a group of people and stick together at a party. Look out not only for yourself, but keep an eye on your female friends. • A really good idea is to not let your friends get too drunk or wasted. If they do party intensely, take them home, staying with them to make sure they are all right before leaving. • Don't let your friend disappear and don't let them wander off with a member of the opposite sex, stay by their side. Don't leave with someone you do not know well or have just met. • Don't put your drink down and leave it unattended, even to go to the restroom. Monitor your drink constantly. • Refuse to drink from a punchbowl; this is a place where anything can be dropped in. • Stay sober. Don't use drugs or alcohol; you need to have a clear head at all times. • Assign a designated sober person when going out. • Notify other female friends you know about the effects of this dangerous drug. • Be observant to the behaviors and actions of your friends, trust your instincts. • Listen for the street names of the drugs mentioned above. • Keep a cell phone with you and charged up in the event you have a problem and need help. Remember You Did Not Deserve What Happened To You and the Assault Was Not Your Fault! If you think that you have been a victim, notify the authorities immediately if you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can file a police report. Get immediate medical attention. Call 911 or go to an emergency room. Request that a urine sample be taken to screen for the presence of date rape drugs. Preserve as much physical evidence as possible. Don't urinate, shower, bathe, douche, or throw away the clothing you were wearing during the assault. If possible, save any other materials that might provide evidence, such as the glass or can that held your drink. Call a crisis rape center for information and support. All women are potential victims of sexual assault: regardless of there age, race, sexual preference, occupation or education. A woman can be assaulted by a stranger, by a friend, by an acquaintance, co-worker or relative. Q. How will I feel after an assault? There is no ‘correct’ way to feel after an assault. Be aware that different people need to heal in their own ways. Some women may need to talk about the assault a number of times to heal. Some need to work through their difficult experience – sometimes by reliving the violation. Seeking a Professional Counselor educated with date rape can make a big difference in recovery. Some women find their faith in God may be strained, but find strength in keeping their faith and attending church or synagogue helpful. Other women find the answer by being involved in activities to help forget, then when they are better able to handle the facts and face them head on they can find peace to work through the pain. Finding a qualified rape counselor or participating in a closed group counseling with other women, who understand what you are going through can be healing in itself. Many women who have been victims of the date rape drug have some or all of the following reactions: • Anger and frustration • Disbelief and Denial • Guilt/ Self Blame • Helplessness/ Confused • Avoidance of Friends • Feeling Paranoid • Difficulty in Concentrating • Change in Sleep Patterns • Sexual Disinterest Or Change in Sexual Behavior • Can't Stop Crying Or Can't Cry • Inability To Cope With Ordinary Situations • Problems With Trust • Depression • Frenzied - involved in work • Low Self-Esteem • Reoccurring Nightmares • Changed Alcohol Or Drug use • Wanting To Forget, Escape OR never get out Of Bed • Eating Everything Or Nothing At All As you work through the healing process, keep these suggestions in mind: • It is not your fault - you are not responsible for the unwanted sex. • You are not the guilty party. • Some people may try to make you feel responsible for what happened because of their own feelings of vulnerability or guilt. • That you may have been intoxicated does not give anyone the right to assault you - nothing gives anyone that right. • Acquaintance rape happens because the rapist fails to respect the victim's individual will, not because of irresistible arousal. • A rapist acts without regard for the victim, so saying no or even physically resisting cannot always be enough to prevent the assault. How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Assaulted…. • Let her make decisions. Offer to make phone calls for information, but don't take over for her. She has just had control taken away and needs to regain it. • Don't touch her without first asking permission. Say, for example, "Would you like a hug?" or "Would you like to hold my hand?" A caring touch can help the victim but unwanted touching can be very uncomfortable or even threatening. • Don't blame her. Questions like "Why did you go home with him?" What were you thinking of? These questions will only reinforce her sense of guilt or shame. • Let her know she is safe, and that you won't violate her trust. • Try to deal with your own reactions to the circumstances later. You may feel angry, helpless, confused, or violated yourself. Keep in mind that your friend probably feels all that and more, so seeing your reactions may not help her. Try to focus on her feelings. Later, when her immediate necessities are taken care, is the best time for you to take care of yourself and seek out a counselor. A sexual assault can be distressing for friends, and family members, as well. After a friend was attacked by a man who may have spiked her drink, Francisco Guerra developed a cardboard drink coaster that can identify two of the most popular date-rape drugs: gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine. Just place a drop of liquid on the coaster, and rub it in with your finger. If the spot turns blue, toss that cocktail. Fifteen million of these coasters have already been distributed; look for them at 7-Elevens about 40¢ a coaster For more helpful Resources: National Institute on Drug Abuse Phone: (888) NIH-NIDA Rape recovery site American Council for Drug Education Phone: (800) 488-3784 Hope for Healing Support for people conceived through rape and incest. American Society of Addiction Medicine Phone: (301) 656-3920 Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse Phone: (401) 444-1817 State Directory for Offices of Victim Services US Department of Justice For assistance in accessing local Victim Services: includes a clickable US State Map


If You Don't Feel You're Getting Enough Out of a Negotiation, Nibble for More at the End Power Negotiators know that by using the Nibbling Gambit, you can get a little bit more even after you have agreed on everything. You can also get the other person to do things that she had refused to do earlier. Car salespeople understand this, don't they? They know that when they get you on the lot, a kind of psychological resistance has built up to the purchase. They know to first get you to the point where you're thinking, "Yes, I'm going to buy a car. Yes, I'm going to buy it here." Even if it means closing you on any make and model of car, even a stripped down model that carries little profit for them. Then they can get you into the closing room and start adding all the other little extras that really build the profit into the car. So, the principle of Nibbling tells you that you can accomplish some things more easily with a Nibble later in the negotiations. Children are brilliant Nibblers, aren't they? If you have teenage children living at home, you know that they don't have to take any courses on negotiating. But you have to-just to stand a chance of surviving the whole process of bringing them up-because they're naturally brilliant negotiators. Not because they learn it in school but because when they're little everything they get, they get with negotiating skills. When my daughter, Julia, graduated from high school, she wanted to get a great high school graduation gift from me. She had three things on her hidden agenda. Number one, she wanted a five-week trip to Europe. Number two; she wanted $1,200 in spending money. And number three; she wanted a new set of luggage. She was smart enough not to ask for everything up front. She was a good enough negotiator to first close me on the trip, then come back a few weeks later and show me in writing that the recommended spending money was $1,200, and got me to commit to that. Then right at the last minute she came to me and she said, "Dad, you wouldn't want me going to Europe with that ratty old set of luggage would you? All the kids will be there with new luggage." And she got that too. Had she asked for everything up front, I would have negotiated out the luggage and negotiated down the spending money. What's happening here is that a person's mind always works to reinforce decisions that it has just made. Power Negotiators know how this works and use it to get the other side to agree to something that he or she wouldn't have agreed to earlier in the negotiation. Why is Nibbling such an effective technique? To find out why this works so well, a couple of psychologists did a study at a racetrack in Canada. They studied the attitude of people immediately before they placed the bet and again immediately after they placed the bet. They found out that before the people placed the bet, they were uptight, unsure, and anxious about what they were about to do. Compare this to almost anyone with whom you negotiate: They may not know you, they may not know your company, and they certainly don't know what's going to come out of this relationship. Chances are they're uptight, unsure, and anxious. At the race track, the researchers found out that once people had made the decision to go ahead and place the bet that suddenly they felt very good about what they had just done and even had a tendency to want to double the bet before the race started. In essence, their minds did a flip-flop once they had made the decision. Before they decided, they were fighting it; once they'd made the decision, they supported it. If you're a gambler, you've had that sensation, haven't you? Watch them at the roulette tables in Atlantic City or Vegas. The gamblers place their bets. The croupier spins the ball. At the very last moment, people are pushing out additional bets. The mind always works to reinforce decisions that it has made earlier. So one rule for Power Negotiators is that you don't necessarily ask for everything up front. You wait for a moment of agreement in the negotiations, then go back, and Nibble for a little extra. You might think of the Power Negotiating process as pushing a ball uphill, a large rubber ball that's much bigger than you. You're straining to force it up to the top of the hill. The top of the hill is the moment of first agreement in the negotiations. Once you reach that point, then the ball moves easily down the other side of the hill. This is because people feel good after they have made the initial agreement. They feel a sense of relief that the tension and stress is over. Their minds are working to reinforce the decision that they've just made, and they're more receptive to any additional suggestions you may have. Always go back at the end to make a second effort on something that you couldn't get them to agree to earlier. Look out for people Nibbling on you There's a point in the negotiation when you are very vulnerable, and that point is when you think the negotiations are all over. I bet you've been the victim of a Nibble at one time or another. You've been selling a car or a truck to someone. You're finally feeling good because you've found the buyer. The pressure and the tension of the negotiations have drained away. He's sitting in your office writing out the check. But just as he's about to sign his name he looks up and says, "That does include a full tank of gas, doesn't it?" You're at your most vulnerable point in the negotiations, for these two reasons: You've just made a sale, and you're feeling good. When you feel good, you tend to give things away that you otherwise wouldn't. You're thinking, "Oh, no. I thought we had resolved everything. I don't want to take a chance on going back to the beginning and re-negotiating the whole thing. If I do that, I might lose the entire sale. Perhaps I'm better off just giving in on this little point." So, you're at your most vulnerable just after the other person has made the decision to go ahead. Look out for people Nibbling on you. Making a huge sale has excited you so much that you can't wait to call your sales manager and tell her what you've done. The buyer tells you that he needs to call purchasing and get a purchase order number for you. While he's on the telephone, he puts his hand over the mouthpiece and says, "By the way, you can give us 60 days on this, can't you? All of your competitors will." Look out for people Nibbling on you. Because you've just made a big sale, and you're afraid to reopen the negotiations for fear of losing it, you'll have to fight to avoid the tendency to make the concession. Countering the Nibble when the other person does it to you. The Counter Gambit to the Nibble is to gently make the other person feel-cheap. You have to be very careful about the way you do this because obviously you're at a sensitive point in the negotiation. You smile sweetly and say: "Oh, come on, you negotiated a fantastic price with me. Don't make us wait for our money, too. Fair enough?" So, that's the Counter Gambit to the Nibble when it's used against you. Be sure that you do it with a big grin on your face, so that they don't take it too seriously. So, consider these points when you go into negotiations: Are there some elements that you are better off to bring up as a Nibble, after you have reached initial agreement? Do you have a plan to make a second effort on anything to which you can't get them to agree the first time around? Are you prepared for the possibility of them Nibbling on you at the last moment? So, Power Negotiators always take into account the possibility of being able to Nibble. Timing is very critical-catching the other parties when the tension is off and they're feeling good because they think the negotiations are all over. On the other hand, looking out for the other side Nibbling on you at the last moment, when you're feeling good. At that point, you're the most vulnerable and liable to make a concession that half an hour later you'll be thinking-why on Earth did I do that? I didn't have to do that. We'd agreed on everything already. Key points to remember: With a well-timed Nibble, you can get things at the end of a negotiation that you couldn't have gotten the other side to agree to earlier. It works because the other person's mind reverses itself after it has made a decision. He may have been fighting the thought of buying from you at the start of the negotiation. After he has made a decision to buy from you, however, you can Nibble for a bigger order, upgraded product, or additional services. Being willing to make that additional effort is what separates great salespeople from merely good salespeople. Stop the other person from Nibbling on you by showing her in writing the cost of any additional features, services, or extended terms, and by not revealing that you have the authority to make any concessions. When the other person Nibbles on you, respond by making him feel cheap, in a good-natured way. Avoid post-negotiation Nibbling by addressing and tying up all the details and using Gambits that cause them to feel that they won.

History of Halloween in America

As immigrants to America began to arrive from Europe, they brought along many of their beliefs and customs and one of these was Halloween. During the colonial days, the celebration was limited due to the rigid Protestant ways of the early settlers. However, the southern colonies and Maryland held the customs of various ethnic groups from Europe including the beliefs held by the Native American Indians. All of these beliefs began to join and create a new American version of Halloween. The first American Halloween celebrations seen were parties that were held to celebrate the harvest. During these get togethers, neighbors would share stores of their departed loved ones or others they knew, would tell the future of those that wished to know, along with singing and dancing. The trend for Halloween in the beginning days of its creation were mainly centered on ghost telling and mischief. During the middle of the 19th century, autumn celebrations were commonplace; however, Halloween was not celebrated throughout America. During the 1800's more immigrants came to America, especially in 1846 when Ireland had the infamous potato famine. With these new immigrants came other Halloween traditions. At this time, Americans everywhere began to dress up in various costumes to go door to door to ask for money or food. This was the beginning of what we know as "trick or treating". Traditions and beliefs emerged such as young women believed doing special tricks with apple parings, mirrors, or yarn they would learn the name of their future husband as long as these tricks were done on Halloween night. By the late 1800's, Halloween was more about the community gathering for fun instead of the witchcraft, ghost stories, and pranks of yesteryear. The early 1900's brought about Halloween parties for both children and adults and was the most popular way in which to celebrate this holiday. The parties were centered on the food, games, and of course brightly colored costumes instead of the ghosts and ghouls. Even the local newspapers pushed Americans into taking out anything scary from all of their Halloween celebrations, thus the superstitions and ghost stories were fast becoming a thing of the past. As the 1920's rolled in, Halloween had transformed more into a public holiday whereas communities would hold parties, parades, and everyone would dress up in costumes, Vandalism however, was a huge problem during the 1920's and 1930's despite all community efforts to have a fun filled night. During the 1950's vandalism was under control, but the holiday was now geared to the children. During this time, trick or treating was more popular that had been while increasing from the 1920's. The idea behind the trick or treating at this time was that neighbors could avoid the tricks and vandalism by presenting the children with treats, thus the origin of the name. Today, Halloween is celebrated in many different ways across America with trick or treating the main fun for children. On the other hand, schools, churches, and neighborhoods also have celebrations to bring children into a safe environment instead of going door to door due to parents finding harmful items in the candy of previous years such as razor blades.

Heroes, Villains, Victims & Bystanders

HEROES, VILLAINS, VICTIMS & BYSTANDERS by William Cottringer In the game of life there are four main roles we can choose to play. These roles are Hero, Villain, Victim or Bystander. Which of these roles are you playing? HERO Heroes dream big, translate their dreams into concrete goals, work hard to leave their legacy, remain flexible and never quit. Heroes devote their life to becoming the best they can be, whether it is President of the United States, a mother, or a volunteer in a nursing home. They have discovered a uniquely private mission and use their special talents to carry out that driving purpose. Heroes are positive and optimistic because they have worked hard to gain a sure sense that they can control their future and make a positive difference. They acquire this confidence by learning from their failures, correcting mistakes, assuming responsibility for all the choices they make, and persevering past the point at which most people quit. Heroes are often envied by those playing other roles, who only see the glory and miss all that a person has to put into being a hero. Most heroes spend a lifetime becoming an overnight success as the saying goes. Incidentally, many heroes are too busy "heroing" that they don't even see themselves that way. The best heroes are quiet achievers who are showing other people the folly of these other unnatural roles. VILLAIN Probably the main mistake most villains make is taking themselves too seriously, in believing their wrong behavior is somehow justified by circumstances or by the end they are after. The worst sort of villain has convinced him or herself that wrong behavior is actually right behavior. Unfortunately, both these positions are highly resistive to positive change, short of a lightening bolt. Typical behaviors of a villain are judging, accusing, rationalizing, hurting, destroying and dominating. Villains are characteristically mean, rude, insensitive, conceited and selfish. The object of a villain seems to be to infringe upon the basic needs and cherished values of others, such as freedom, equality, honesty, compassion, acceptance, love and understanding. Do villains serve any positive purpose? I think that they do a few good things. First they serve as a warning for the rest of us as a way not to be. Secondly they confirm the rightness of being a hero. And thirdly, they challenge the rest of us to figure out how to deal with them effectively. This challenge helps make many heroes. What is the best way to deal with villains? Be a hero yourself and tolerate them until they offend your soul and then let them know they are wrong, assertively and without critical judgment or moral superiority. VICTIM Becoming a victim is often the result of some back luck and faulty thinking. Many people playing the victim role start out with the right intention of being a hero, but get discouraged along the way. They give up on their dreams because of disappointment and failure. Or, they are not willing to make the necessary sacrifices or exchanges. Other times they simply run out of steam trying to get somewhere, but getting nowhere. The trouble is, there is no real action to change anything. Being a victim leads people to have a viewpoint that life is working against them. They are convinced that there is absolutely nothing they can do to change things for the better, no matter what they do. So why even bother trying? And of course the less they try to control things and get somewhere, the more out of practice they get. The resulting mental inertia is psychically paralyzing. BYSTANDER Perhaps the weakest role a person can choose to play in life is that of a bystander. Bystanders are neutral on issues, apathetic, uninvolved, and trapped within there own minds. They stand around on the sidelines passively watching everyone else having fun playing the other roles. Bystanders are stuck in inaction and lack of involvement in anything. Life passes them by. Sometimes they don't know how to live, sometimes they are afraid to take any chances, and sometimes they are just waiting for someone else to ask them to join in all the fun. Just like being a victim, a person can get super glued to the vicious circle nature of "bystanding." It is like standing on a high dive being afraid to jump off. The longer you wait, the more frightening even the idea of jumping becomes. By that time you have become an inseparable part of the diving board and can't even get down the latter. Sooner or later, though, we all wake up to the fact that we really cannot not participate in life. All the roles are choices that have outcomes, even thinking we are not playing one. My deepest suspicion is that we were all born to become heroes. The hero role is the only one that seems to bring genuine happiness, contentment and success. This role is also the easiest one to play, because all you have to be is your natural self. Playing the other roles is actually more difficult and involves more work. If you are playing any other role and don't like the consequences, the opportunity to choose to be a hero is always there. The roles of villain, victim and bystander are all the wrong choices, but they are only temporary mistakes waiting to be rectified.